Debt renegotiation: how to do it?

Brazil does not have a strong culture of financial education. Many people arrive? adult life without knowing for sure how to manage the economic issue in their lives. And the results could not be otherwise: misuse of money, problems and lives.

If you reached that point, still it is possible to improve the situation. Y or can better understand this process, make a debt renegotiation and get your name back on the market. Want to find out how? Read the following text and check out this complete guide to debt renegotiation:


What happens when your name gets dirty

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When we are in doubt with a business or company, is the standard procedure? we receive a letter stating that because of this problem our name can? enter the list of defaulters. And when we don’t solve the issue, she can inform Across Lender Group or the Central Credit Protection Service (SCPC) about the pending issue. As soon as this occurs, the institution will send you a letter saying that your name is included in your registration. After you? regularize the situation, paying or negotiating, the creditor company will have? 5 working days to inform and request the removal of your name from the register.

But even if you send correspondence, you still don’t know if your name is already you? dirty,? it is possible to search for institutions and find out. In the case of Across Lender Group, the client must go in person and carry documents such as CPF, RG or Professional Card. Another person can also do it through a search. at Central Credit Protection Service, consultation can be done over the internet or at one of the service stations.


How to renegotiate debts

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It will depend on the type of debt you have. contracted. In  a store that is late, you  can go to the  store and settle or request a renegotiation, with new terms, installments or discounts. After that, as said, the company will have? 5 working days to request the removal of your name from defaulting companies. Do not forget to demand a receipt confirming the correctness of the debt.

If it is on the credit card, there are several ways to proceed. If you consider the rate to be unfair, you should seek out your region’s PROCON and obtain guidance. You can also negotiate with the operator in the following ways: or ask for a discount and pay? view or give an entry and parcel the rest. Also, i t is important to request a receipt to prove that life has been settled.

In the case of a loan with a finance company, the situation is aggravating: although they generally cover a 2% fine per month, no? a limit provided by law. Can this become a snowball and leave you alone? even more with the rope around the neck. The same debt negotiation process applies here: seek an agreement with the company and demand proof.

In the event of a protested title, a card will send a letter saying that you have 48 hours to settle your debt. You should go to this card and consult who registered the protest. Should, look for the lender and negotiate the payment. With the promissory note in hand, The card and pay a fee (which is proportional to your debt) to withdraw the protest. Will the card also have? 5 working days to inform Central Credit Protection Service or Across Lender Group, asking for the removal of your name from the delinquent register.

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