Debt Debt in 5 Ways to “Get It”

Collecting debt or debt is often a tempest. Because, there are some borrowers who turned out to be absent from responsibility. Either because of forgetting or pretending to forget.

However, we do not need to be furious if we are in the position of a lender. We can really collect debt elegantly but successfully. No need to get angry, let alone to thump.

Let’s follow the following “santuy” alias “relax kuy”! Some ways to collect debt are guaranteed to make the borrower moved to return our money.


Satire through Social Media

Satire through Social Media

This method is probably the easiest thing to do. Because we don’t need to talk directly to the borrower. However, it does require a special strategy so that our message “hits” the borrower.

First, we can use memes or sent message. Second, make sure the borrower will read our posts by making sure he is online. Well, for posting it.


Fishing the ego

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If the above method does not work then just contact directly to the person. When meeting with friends who borrow our money, we can allude to his ego.

For example, we can praise our friend by saying that he is a fair person and always tries to do good and right. His ego will be hooked. Furthermore, we can collect debts that he might forget.

Another way, we can lure him by involving others. When hanging out with other friends, we can throw questions about how to collect debt from someone. The borrower will be provoked because of feeling his pride.


Fishing through This Funny Chat

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The next way to collect debt is to chat directly to the person. But, no need to use temper tantrums. Enough with the “santuy” and hilarious but funny.

There are several chat options that we can try. Starting from giving a warning to him about the consequences of not paying debts or saying we are in need of money because of the disaster.


Send a Bouquet of Flowers

Send a Bouquet of Flowers

Almost desperate? We can emulate the way one netizen who some time ago was viral. Photos wreath containing the message collect a debt from a person named Bro Ron could be an interesting example nih.

No need to use a temper tantrum, we can attract the attention of others as well and be an effect of shame to the debtor, right. So, safe deh!


Speak carefully

Speak carefully

Quiping or conveying messages that are not to the point may not work. Well, we can invite friends who borrow it to meet and talk nicely.

Ask about things that prevent him from paying off debt. Then, persuade him to pay the debt as soon as possible.

Although talking nicely, it does not mean we can not be firm, yes. Set deadlines or deadlines he must pay the debt. So that there is strong evidence about the agreement, do not forget to make a statement. So, he could not be absent from the promise to pay the debt.

Of the several options above, what are the ways we have done to collect debt? To be sure, remember never to use violence because that step violates the law even though we are in the right position.

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